The Results are in

Did you all vote? I hope so, because it was a pretty stellar election day for progressives.

To begin with, voters in Ohio overwhelmingly voted no on Issue 2 which rejected a Republican law that would have stripped many collective bargaining rights from state workers. High turnout for the issue, generated by unions and grassroots supporters, also helped throw 4 Republican incumbents out of the Cincinnati City Council, electing 7 Democrats instead. The election switched the city council from Republican control to Democratic control, and could very well make the difference on a proposed streetcar project.

In Maine voters also rejected a Republican law. This one was about same day voter registration, which Maine has done for 40 years, but which Republicans tried to outlaw. Citizens of Maine voted to keep their same day voter registration by a 3 to 2 margin.

Mississippi voted against an amendment that would have defined life as starting at conception, granting fetuses individual rights. The consequences of such a change would have been incredibly far reaching, including outlawing abortion, some types of contraception, and probably a lot more.

Elsewhere, Democrats won the Kentucky Governor’s race, as well as the Auditor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer posts. In New York, Mark Charles Poloncarz unseated a notorious GOP incumbent to become the Erie County executive. He is only the 2nd Democrat to hold the post.

These are exciting results, and they will only get more exciting if we get more progressives to run for state and local office. It’s the perfect time to Run for America. Over 1,000 candidates have already signed up to run. Will you join them? Run for office, or help us find and recruit community leaders who will. We’ll show you how, but we need you to commit!