Walker Recall Underway

Just a few days ago the Democratic party of Wisconsin and United Wisconsin (a grassroots coalition of more than 200,000 Wisconsinites & organizations who have united to recall Governor Scott Walker) officially launched its effort to recall Governor Scott Walker, along with 3 more Republican state Senators. Democrats have already successfully recalled 6 GOP Senators and are within 1 seat of retaking the state senate. They have only 60 days to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures (540,208 just for the Governor, plus more for the state senators), but they are off to a good start.

Governor Walker, who forced infamous anti-union legislation through the state Senate without a single Democrat in attendance with procedural trickery, was  always the ultimate target of the recall efforts in the state, and they’re off to a great start. In the first 48 hours they have gathered more than 50,000 signatures. That’s huge. At this pace, they could collect the  signatures they need in just over 21 days. If they do succeed, Walker will be the 3rd Governor ever successfully recalled. Pretty incredible. And it all started with a group of progressives deciding they weren’t going to stand for Republicans unfairly dismantling unions. They protested, they signed petitions, they shouted and chanted, and now they are going door to door collecting signatures.

We love to see this kind of civic participation, and we encourage you to get involved. You can volunteer with United Wisconsin, helping to collect signatures. We love to see these recalls for another reason, too: it means there could be more elections, and that means more opportunities to run for office. After all, what good is recalling a state senator or governor if you don’t have a solid progressive to oppose him in the recall election? And that is where you come in. Run for America is recruiting progressive champions, like the folks recalling Scott Walker, to run for state and local office. We teaching them how to win their campaigns and take back our cities and states. More than 1,000 have already signed up. Will you join them?